Thursday, 21 August 2014

Pamper Night Routine

I don't know about you but I know that I like to take at least one night of the week to pamper myself, usually a Sunday in order to help me relax and prepare for school on Monday. The first thing I do is obviously start running the bath. Lately i've been loving Sanctuary's Foaming Bath Soak (purchase here). It smells heavenly and makes it feel like you really are at the spa and makes an amazing amount of bubbles! 
The next thing I do is light a candle. My favourite at the moment is Bath & Body Works' Mango Coconut Cooler (purchase here) which i bought on my recent trip with my family to Florida. Seen as summer is almost over i'm trying to use up all my summer candles before I start using my fall candles.

The next step in my pamper night routine is to remove my make up. Lately my Yes to Carrots Cleansing Wipes (purchase here) have been doing this job and have been doing it very well if i do say! I then like to go in with my Soap and Glory Foamy Moisture Face wash (purchase here) and Clarisonic Mia 2 (purchase here) to actually cleanse my face. I then hop in the bath and carry on with my routine. I must say i'm not much of a reader so when i go in the bath i normally like to put on some music and just check my social media sites like twitter, facebook, instagram ect.

Once i have got fed up of doing that i will move on to the next step of my pamper night routine which is to wash and deep condition my hair. To do this i've been really enjoying the OGX Hydrating Macadamia Oil Shampoo (purchase here) and the KMS Moisture Repair Hair Mask (which is really old so i can't find it any where online for you guys to purchase sorry!)

After i've done all my hair stuff I move on to my body products! You might think that I would use my body wash before using my body scrub but I in fact do it the other was round. Why? I feel like using the body wash with my bath lily after i've used the body scrub just helps get rid of all the little scrubby particles that i didn't get off with my hands. I chose to use my Bodyshop Papaya Body Wash (which has now sadly been discontinued) and my Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub (purchase here) I then rinse off and get out of the bath.

Once out of the bath I like to do a face mask/peel. The one i choose changes every week depending on how my skin is acting. This week i decided to go for my Philosophy Detoxify Oxygen Peel (purchase here). The best part about this mask is that is is dual purpose, not only does it help clear any break outs but it also helps brighten the skin and fade any acne scars and it only takes 1-3 minutes to work. I then go in with my Eau Thermale Avene TriAcneal (purchase here) which is a serum that helps with breakouts and any hyper-pigmentation.

Next i have to inject moisture back into my skin as the facial peel can be a little drying and in order to do this is I use two things, the first is the Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil (purchase here) and the second is the Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream (purchase here). Theres something about the vitamin E range from the Body Shop that my skin absolutely loves and when ever I use it I always wake up with soft, glowing, hydrated skin!

Finally I apply some of my EOS lip balm (which I bought in the states) and moisturise my body with the Body Shop Mango Body Sorbet (purchase here). Everything from the Body Shops Mango range smells absolutely divine and this is no exception.

What are your favourite products to use on your pamper evening? Let me know in the comments below!

Talk to you soon!

Rose x

Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the brands mentioned in this post, all opinions are my own.